International Double Degree in
Aerospace Engineering and Business Administration
Degree from Kasetsart University and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia

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International Double Degree Program (IDDP) was formed in 1999 as a section of the Department of Aerospace Engineering .The course aims to produce graduates with quality skills in both Aerospace Engineering and Business Administration who will be able to function effectively in multidisciplinary teams to meet the ever changing needs of sophisticated technology-based industries.

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University) is a leading Australian University renowned for the quality of its programs, teaching, consultancy, research and its graduates.

Since it was founded in 1887 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, RMIT has been known as the Working Men's College (1887), MelbourneTechnicalCollege(1934), RoyalMelbourneTechnicalCollege(1954) and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (1960).


Qualification for Application

According to the regulations for an undergraduate study of Kasetsart University.

1. Complete from M.6 or an equivalent standard and completed from Grade 12 International School. 2. Aged more than 15 years old and possess a personal identity card.

3. Applying for the Direct Admission must be students who are currently completed from M.6 or equivalent standard and completed from Grade 12 International School.

4. International School students must be TOEFL score not less than 580 or IELTS score average band 6.5 and preferable the other, SAT, IGCSE, IB and should have studied advanced courses in physics, mathematics and chemistry.

5. Is not infected with seriously infectious diseases, diseases abominated by society or diseases that hinder study progression. 6. Provide a guarantor to guarantee the payment of education expenses.

7. Must not have been dismissed from any education institution due to misconduct or non-academic wrongdoing in the past two years.

8. Must not have been penalized for cheating in any selection process for admission to educational institution conducted by the Ministry of University Affairs or other organization.



Total credits in this program not less than 150 credits;

General Education: 31 Credits

1. Science and Mathematics



2. Language



3. Social Science



4. Humanities



5. Physical Education Activities



Specific Course: at Least 113 Credits

1. Engineering Core Courses



2. Major Courses



3. Technical Electives at least



Free Elective: 6 Credits

Engineering Training: Industrial Practice of at least 240 hours

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