Master Degree Programs


 Master’s Degree Curricula (International Program)
 Faculty/Program Details
Faculty of Agriculture
- XA11 Sustainable Agriculture
- XA60 Development Communication
- XA61 Tropical Agriculture
Faculty of Agriculture Kamphaeng Saen campus
- XA21 Agricultural Research and Development
Faculty of Forestry
- XC08 Tropical Forestry
Faculty of Engineering
- Advanced and Sustainable Environmental Engineering
- XE18 Chemical Engineering
- XE64 Industrial Engineering
- XE67 Environmental Engineering
- XE73 Engineering Management
- XE74 Information and Communication Technology for Embedded Systems
Faculty of Economics
- XG64 Agricultural and Resource Economics (English Program)
Faculty of Agro-Industry
- XK07 Biotechnology
- XK09 Food Science
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
- XI12 Bio-Veterinary Science
Boromarajonani College of Nursing Nopparat Vajira
- XW01 Family and Community Health Nursing
Faculty of Business Administration
- XN83 Business Administration (English Program) [KIMBA]
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science
- XQ04 English as an International Language
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